Manna from Above – Day 8

Today we shall be praying
On the power of possibility in the words of the Lord. & It’s influence in our life as a Christian.
Bringing to an end, in our life the farming “LIKE” of SAMARIA. By Syria evil SIEGE!!!

2King: 6:24-27
2 king:7:17-19

Isaiah:43:18-19 remember not the former things or consider not the things of old…I will do a new thing ….

We all know the story very well, meanwhile the problems of the chief on which king rely, is he allow the past mind set to rule his life, then …sin against holy spirit,
He believes it can not happend Isahai:43:18-19;

He said even if God do anything, the miracle can not happen, what about you?

Let us pray .

1.Praise his holy name for the 8th day of this our program…that we thank you for what you have done, doing & will do…

2.Father, today let my life bring fourth to a new glorious faith that shall work with the words of God in my life…

3. Bring to an end in my life the era of faithlessness..

4. There shall be sower of blessings…
Let it rain now manners from above..
Of good health
My documents
Good new job

5. Oh Lord, let every famine of good things in my life end today ijn, let there be rain of manner of good things ijn

6. Don’t let me die on the arrival of my success like that man ijn

7. God used the condemn ed & useless human being to deliver a nation ( the lepers) my God, let them not rest those you ve created to help me

8. My father, you know more than me, use whatsoever & whoever you want to use to get me there ijn…places of your glory

9. Don’t let me be an enemy to myself & my miracle

10. Let nothing good be far from me, my family & church henceforth ijn

Independent prayers ..
Words of God will do us good ijn…


A.Start to mention different ways you want God to send or rain this manna into your lives & destinies…

B. Manna shall fall….for our uplifting in Jesus name

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