After many years of struggling with the Almighty over His purpose on my life, I succumbed to His will finally in 2014. By the grace of God, I have been going along with the Lord for more than 20 years before this time.

I accepted Christ through some students who came to our town for schooling and thereby formed a group called (gospel student fellowship). They preached to me and many of my friends but out of them I remember I was the only one who gave my life to Jesus after much persuasion and pressure the student mounted on me through prayers, counseling, giving and many other things just to get me for Christ.

They later succeeded on me. Then I gave my life to Christ and I began following them to church. Even when they left our town, I continued going to the church (GOSPEL FAITH MISSION INTERNATIONAL).

Ever since then, I have been following the master. Though today I can’t locate any of these brother and sisters but I thank God for their lives. And I am sure God would be happy with them today because the seed they planted has been growing since then, It has never stopped growing till today. Although a lot has happened in order for the devil to turn me away from the way but the Almighty has been holding my hand from sinking into the stormy sea of life like Peter in Matt 14;30.

Meanwhile, truly I loved God and to show this I became a worker in the church choir, sunday school group… etc but in all these I never planned to become a pastor because I knew the task would be enormous and not a child’s play. So I never wished for it.

I could remember when I was courting my wife, she asked me if I wished to become a pastor in the future because she didn’t want to marry a pastor in her life. I laughed and I gave her the response she loved like “Did you see me becoming one?”

So was our plan; indeed we loved God but we had a deal or covenant of not becoming His servant. We forgot we were neither the owner of our lives nor its architect. The Bible says in Isa:55;8-9

For my though are not your thought neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord…….


To be candid, I have been seeing different kinds of revelation about this but took none to heart, believing it was normal to have such revelation as a christian. To narrate just a few;

There was a day I saw myself in a church and the whole choir group were singing an anthem I never heard from anybody before. The song goes thus:

you brother that means you; when the Lord is calling just obey;my brother Lord means you brother Lord means you when the Lord is calling just obey!

As they were singing the song, the whole choir was pointing at me. I didn’t take it serious. In another one, I saw an old man tied a wrapper round his waist. He was walking with a walking stick. We both were in a very big cocoa, cola-nut…etc farm land. Then he said:

This is a big Garden to work in. You see some people will do carpentry work, some as farmers…(I can’t remember all of it again) but for you, that is your work.

This confirming to me the ministerial work. Meanwhile I never though about all these for one day. In fact, I can’t remember ten percent of all these revelations just because I believed it can’t just be my way.

So I continued my life, we started out our family by God’s grace. I came to Europe in 2004 and my wife later joined me. All these were possible for us because of His help. We continued our service in His presence. We were active in the church.

Our motto is set as God first in whatever we do even in the midst of crisis.

We started our life in Mallorca Spain and after a while we left there to Barcelona where we attended a Ghanaian church. We enjoyed the church so well and the pastor was loving but the problem was that of language barrier. They often preached in Ghanaian local tongue and we Nigerians didn’t understand. Then I suggested having a branch of our church in Mallorca and that was successful .

Then I was told to become the pastor but I refused saying I couldn’t, but I could assist any pastor that would come from the headquarter. And that was it until we left Barcelona finally in 2013 to France.

Meanwhile, in all this our journey, the revelation of different kinds didn’t cease to come both from personal revelation and from other people and God’s servant. I remember one day when two people came to me at the same time in Spain. I was in a serious mess of debts, loss of business and property, joblessness etc. I can’t say it all here. In fact, I think I need to write a book about my experiences before I finally said “YES I AM READY”.

Then, one of these two people advised me that with what he saw, it is better for me to answer God’s call. In the process, a woman came in. She didn’t even know I was there or knew what we were discussing. Upon seeing me, she said “haaaa!!! you this man,you better go and answer the call.” She said she had a revelation about me over the night. That she saw me ministering in a big church… Then, I was silent, but smiled because it went along with what I have been seeing also. You know the Bible says:

If your ways pleases the Lord he will make your enemies to be at peace with you.


Then,we were in this severe mess because of our trying to run away from the masters call.

Meanwhile, our thought was that leaving Spain would end our woes. We never asked our Creator why we are in much trouble. Well, we arrived France. At the beginning, the situation was rough but even though we were living in disobedience, He still showed us His mercy by settling us in France.

We later found a church. In fact, it was their first service they were holding on the day we found the church. So, we continued our life in this church. Some things later happened over time and then I became like an assistance to the Pastor. With this development, I said God will be happy with me because now I have answered the “call”. So, my family and I were happy along with the church; but instead of my problems to abase, it was other way round, huuuun!!! Well God is alive. It is not an easy task.

For more than a year, the situation was worse that it was in Spain. Why? We knew there was no work in Spain but there is work here in France and I knew people enough here in France to get job. I am telling you if God has not helped you, no one can. Like the widow that called on the king for help when there was famine in Samaria. The king responded to the woman:

who can help you if God has not helped you

2nd king 27-28.

That means any help a man receives from anybody here on earth is because it has already been settled first in heaven.

I mean to say that all the people I knew: pastors, brethren, directors, even people from London, indeed they all tried but because it was the Lord that had closed the door, no one could open it. That is the best way to describe my case. We lived on little things people gave us but when I was more confused, I put calls across to some men of God to help me in prayer. The outcome from about ninety percent of them was “why are you running away from God? Huuun! I was furious and I replied them that what else does God want from me? It was true I have been seeing it myself for more than 18 yrs. A lot of men of God confirmed it. In fact, there was an occasion one day when I called one of my brothers in Nigeria, during our discussion, he made it known to me that he was with his Pastor whom I have never met in my life neither did I ever discussed the calling issue with this my brother. So he told me to greet his pastor, as he handed him the phone, the first thing the pastor would say is accusing me of why was I running from God………a lot like that. So as i was saying, I said what else did God want me to do? Truly, they said and I myself from many instances confirmed the verdict of the call upon my life but for me to have started assisting a minister in a church should have meant that I have answered the call so where am I still running from God.

To shorten the story, I saw myself one day walking along a path. As I was going, I got to a junction where I turned to another way and somebody appeared to me and told me, “It is now you want to obey”. In another one, (this, as I would like to share, doesn’t classify the founder of the church I was before as ungodly) I believe it is just that God wanted me to start something else for him in a new way like Jesus told the disciple to separate Paul and Barnabas for Him Act 13;2-3. That doesn’t make them enemies.

Sometimes it is for the progress of the gospel when one leaves a ministry to form a new ministry but the one quitting should search his heart very well if it is godly or not. They should be sure they are not quitting because of money, pride, egoism ,unfaithfulness or because they are rebuked or corrected over ungodly act, then they would think it is a free world and they can as well have their own church.

I think it is unacceptable and doesn’t sound well to leave a ministry because of those reasons and some other things like that; but if it is Godly, truly to obey your creator, seek the knowledge of other true men of God, prayerfully receive sound and clear revelation from God, with which you can back your testimonies. Then I believe there is nothing bad in you starting it and the ministry you are leaving must not see you as a traitor but rather see it as elongation of Gods work”

So, in this revelation another thing is such a person must not go with the members of the church he is quitting unless there is an agreement in between him and the pastor of that church to do so. So as I was saying above, to just shorten it I saw my wife and I being burnt. That of my wife is not so severe but mine was so serious. It is from leg coming up…..Then on the other side I saw the pastor of the church and his wife looking at us with smile on their faces, they couldn’t save us or do anything about the fire. It is more than that. I just shorten it.

With this revelation, I understand the language. I then dialogue with the minister I worked with who as well understood my case. After many other things and with what have been told before by some other men of God that God wanted me to start something for him,then I and my wife succumb to the Lord to go along with his plan over our life.It is a tough decision to make but we have to, due to many problems around us. Things were so difficult for us because the lord has shut the door against us. So at last what me and my wife promise never to become is what we were forced to become at last. This shows God supremacy over human kind. In fact sometimes I do say perhaps if we have not had such agreement, may be God wouldn’t have force us to do it.

Although, I have been seeing the vision before I met my wife but may be he would have forgotten about it if not that he really wanted to show us that we have no say over our life…..

One thing that I will not forget but must say is, before we started I told God that, “father what name am I going to give to this ministry, that how I wish you will be the one that shall name this church, that it will make me happy and it shall be another true real confirmation from you, but if you don’t I can still do it myself. So, I have been forming different names on my own before the owner of the ministry came, who want to show me that I am a worker in his vineyard. That truly the church is going to be his. You know one thing is for you to do something another thing is for God to allow it. David wanted to build God a house, the prophet as a man gave him his support and asked him to go ahead,that is for him(Nathan),but for God, even though he(David) thought it was good(to build house for God) but God ways in doing so many things is different from ours.

So Prophet Nathan gave go ahead on his own but to God it is other way round.So it was the same Nathan that God sent again to him to correct him that,what he has said is good but he will not be the one to do it but his son; So the first message is of man but the second is of God. So what am I saying is me I wanted to form the name by myself after expecting God to give me the name and he delayed to come, but because he knew I prefer him given me the name and as well because the ministry his not mine but Gods, and I am there to serve just as whosoever join us will serve, then He gave the name by himself!

It happened sometimes in 2013, in a revelation. I saw myself with three other men heading to a place. I was in front. On getting there, we met the door of that place closed with padlock but the padlock had been opened. It just remained someone to come and removed it.

So as we got there, the three people were with me and I laid my two hands on the door. The next thing I saw was the name “GLOBAL REVIVAL MINISTRY” was pronounced. Then i woke up. I knew that the long awaited response has finally come. It was around 1 to 3 am in the night,i dashed to the sitting room and i put it in paper. Then I knew the work has to start so we started in our sitting room until we moved to our present place. Brethren, indeed; Since we have started, God has been showing himself to be the owner of the ministry and nobody else for he has been doing what only God can do in the life of whosoever join us.

He started from me by opening all the doors that had been closed against me for more than two years. Hun! can you believe withing three months of our sitting room service, I became somebody that work is looking for. I got back all my ceased and unapproved document. In fact what God miraculously did in a short while. If I begin to enumerate them; it will take time and as well look as if somebody is proud. You know the bible says if your ways pleases the Lord, he would make even your enemies to be at peace with you proverb 16:17.

Another thing God has been doing that surprise me time to time is fulfilling the promise of loosing those that are in bounds;”. Before we started, He has really shown me this more than two times, releasing people from forest desert and thorns. God has been doing this has there has nobody who came to God under this ministry faithfully with the intention to serve and honour God that God has not changed there history! We praise God for this.

Meanwhile,brethren.Today here is a ministry from the root of Jesse (Jesus Christ), it has come to take revival to the length and breath of the world. Today, we will be happy if we can see you among us in other for us to take the revival round the world.

Now that the gospel is becoming a torn in the flesh, let us revive the world together through the true gospel. Are you troubled in any area of your life? You are at the right place to find solution to any problem in your life at the feet of that Lord Jesus.

May the Lord bless you as you come in Jesus name,Amen.