Manna from Above – Day 14

We shall be praying today on disintegration of certain unknown evil out of our lives…

The Calamitous Jonah:1:5&15.

Every unknown unfortunate co-travellers with ( in the journey of my life) me, oh Lord..put an end to it..

You all know the story very well, so we don’t need to say much, but go straight into prayer..

Meanwhile,it’s well known that when you have some things, habits, expecially people in your life, forget about success unless God have mercy through a severe deliverance…

This can be anything or anybody…

We had a story of a mother determine that once she’s alife her children can never succeed or marry..

We see a friend or brother standing as an hindrance to his fellow brother success..
The unfortunately thing is you can know them..
Monkey dey work baboon they sop, it’s the case of some people…

These are the cases of The CALAMITOUS JONAH..
He must be dislodged ijn
Let us pray.

1.Let thank God for this revelation from God & Thank him for the 14 days of this program…

2. Start to say this prayer now in different ways…Lord take this pray to wherever this kind of case is affecting me & set me free ijn

3. Lord, people like Jonah in my journey as a friend, before I will loose more good things, Lord separate us in a good faith ijn

4. Whosoever he or she is to me, if it can’t be corrected, then make the change ijn

5. Jonah: 1:15 said, when Jonah was taken out of the travellers journey, then they start to enjoy peace that they deserve…
As you are taking people like Jonah out of my lives, let me start to enjoy peace that I deserve as your child henceforth ijn

6. Yes, Lord let my manner start to rain in all areas of my life ijn

7. Let me & my family start to enjoy the rain of your manner from above ijn

8. My father, it was when they lacked food they call upon you in Exod:16..
Then you give them more than enough.
Father, things might be hard globally now, Lord, by the raining upon us of this manner, don’t let things be hard for us ijn
Give us way out always..

9. We ve had the stories of how you help people offset their problems, paying debt etc. Do same in our mist ijn

10. Father as you are dislodging people & things like Calamitous, cancerous and virus Jonah, never allow people of such come our ways ijn

Pt 2 tomorrow….people we want.


A.Start to mention different ways you want God to send or rain this manna into your lives & destinies…

B. Manna shall fall….for our uplifting in Jesus name

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