Manna from Above – Day 1

This had been our way every year & God has always been faithful to us in this divine program!

Therefore today being the first day shall be to praise him for what he has done in the past & what he’s going to do this year.

# Let us start to praise & worship the one that WAS; IS & THAT WILL BE.

The all in all, the everything, the one without whom there is nothing.

The one that brought something out of nothing.The ruler of all, the one that can kill & nobody can wake.., he can wake & nobody can kill, he’s Alpha & Omega!
The one with final say over all situations…thank you our hope, joy, healer, pillar & backbone…thank you Jesus …Amen

# Let all ask for forgiveness of sins that can disturb prayers now, that God wash me in your blood , delete all the memories of my sins, don’t allow my sins to hinder any answer to my prayer in this month.

# Kindly let us praise him..for
He has already brought us with our families to the 3rd ladder of this year, what a mighty GOD! He is, despite all troubles all over the world..such as
Accident of all kinds, pandemic.., sicknesses , natural disasters of all kinds; in the face of all these he has brought us to this month of march..
He deserves our uncompromising praises

Let’s sing…!
Ancient of days as old as you are…

Hallelujah! We bless you our indeed heavenly father, maker, benefactor, defendant & our creator .
We bow to you…Amen..

# Let us praise him over Global Revival Ministry for all he has done, doing & that he will do…

# Now, Let us ask for spiritual strength now to engage in this one month program & finish it.
The bible said, by strength shall no man prevails, he’s talking about physical strength..
Let’s pray for spiritual strength to start & finish this program well in Jesus name.

You; or you & your family should Praise him more in your own way….

Start to mention different kinds of manna you want God sent to you or rain upon you…
Manna shall fall….for our uplifting in Jesus name

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