12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 7 (10th Jan 2023)


The Bible in Mark 8:36 says What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole wide world and lost his soul.

Also; John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave his only son… so that we might not perish… but have eternal life.

Matt: 24. has said it all, it told us; all that would happen before the coming of Jesus Christ, without being told.

We can see it all around us; the church is now in the world and the world is now in the church. Virtually all the systems in the world are now fully integrated into the church. We can see war and its rumors, fake pastors and prophets are the worse sign fulfilled; may God help us!

The other day I saw a worldly musician performing in church, as said by matt:24:15. (Abomination at the alter of God)

What about jesters at the holy place of God Eph:5:4, (All jesting words shall be judged)

Brethren end time is here, we need to pray to guide our salvation jealously, as said by the words of God! you need to guide it and value it more than any other thing in life… even more than gold and silver.


  1. Lord, give me the grace to put you first” in everything I do in Jesus name.

2. Roman 6:7 says he that is dead does not sin, now Pray and say, oh! God, let me be dead to sin.

3. Pray and tell God to separate you from unfriendly friends who will not allow you to serve God.

4. II Tim 4:10 Demas went back from Paul because of the perishable things of this world.
Say, oh Lord! take away and close my eyes to anything that can make me turn back from you in Jesus name.

5. Lord, give me the grace to always look at things above and not things beneath, he who looks down will not mind heavenly things but worldly things, but who looks up, love things above, and plan to make heaven.

6. Say it out loud! Jesus! don’t let your blood be in vain upon me, let me reign with you when all are over in this world, either by rapture or when man’s time expires in Jesus name.

7. Jesus, you came to this world to die for me, my savior my Lord, when you want to come and collect your people, remember me oh Lord, don’t let me miss the last-minute grace.

8. Father, let all efforts being made by devil and his demons to distract me from making heaven in this end time be in vain upon me and my family in Jesus name.

9. Oh lord! by fire by force, let me make heaven Matt 11:12.

10. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with your mercy, do everything to let my name remain in the book of life, don’t let me be cast away on that glorious day in Jesus name.

11. Lord make me the apostle Paul of our day, for he reason no more with the world when he accepted Jesus, he surrendered all to Christ. Gal:1:16

12. Lord, despite my level in you and my little experience, just like Philip in Samaria, according to the theme of this programme, let me start to experience your pentecostal power in ministering all over the world in Jesus name.

  •  Say now your personal prayers, God shall hear you in Jesus name.
  • Pray now with the theme of 2023 covenant prayer; oh Lord, send now upon me and my family, even collectively our church, thy true pentecostal power in 2023, that we may fulfill your purpose and live above power and demons in Jesus name. Amen.


Oh Ye month of July, I declare and decree that I and my household are free from all misfortunes destined in you and we hereby claim all the glory, greatness, joy, happiness, and other good things in you in Jesus name, in you July; we shall jubilate throughout in Jesus name.

Happy fasting and prayer period. We shall be answered in Jesus name.

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