12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 5 (8th Jan 2023)

Today’s prayers shall be based on Marriage and family.
The importance of Marriage and Family can not be taken un-serious in every area of our lives.

Talking about marriages and families, we are talking about what made up, the world, continents, countries, states, local governments, towns, and villages.

Now this means when there is no peace in marriages and families, the world will be in jeopardy, having no shape.
Some of the hooliganism, terrorism, thuggery, and unrest we are seeing today are products of bad and unsettled marriages and families.

No sensible and reasonable parents will instruct their children to be carrying guns and other dangerous arms and be disturbing neighborhood, killing, and kidnapping people all around.

Therefore this must be a very serious prayer for every individual.

NOTE PLEASE: Any prayer point stated here is to lead and guide you into more prayers, therefore when you finish them, you can still pray more in spirit over the said topic, hence, we might not be able to put everything here. We only have to go with the program that has sealed your year 2023 covenant with God in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Let us thank God over all the marriages and families in the world, for God owns them all.

2. Let us tell God to calm the storms raging over some marriages and families in the world; especially in churches.

4. As satan is waging war against families and marriages, pray that oh God of the universe, let my marriage and families be untouchable by the devil and his angels in Jesus name.

5. Say, God in the name of Jesus, your son died at calvary for families that accept you; because I have accepted you as my all in all, Father, from today “SEAL THE PEACE OF MY FAMILIES AND MARRIAGE WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS”

6. To those who are yet to get married, say, God, in Gen: 24… you choose a wife for Isaac, Lord by your mercy let me locate that man/woman of my bone of bone and flesh of flesh in Jesus name.

7. Lord, every child that the storms of life, civilization, etc, have taken away from their parents; Father, return them back home by fire like the prodigal son in Jesus name.

8. Every spirit turning away youth mind from marriage, die by fire in Jesus name. Many young ones do no longer wish to marry! Cause them to marry right in the Lord’s way in Jesus name.

9. You that demon-like scorpion working and changing man to woman and woman to man in other to destroy God’s plan on marriages and families, today the hand of God is against you globally, therefore be consumed by fire in Jesus name.

10. Every pending and hanging marriage, you are activated to be celebrated now by the blood of Jesus.

11. Every spiritual embargo on marriages, you are removed by fire in Jesus name.

12. Every devil and demonic possessed husband or wife, be delivered in Jesus name.

13. Every separated couple and divorced, be reconciled by the help of the holy ghost in Jesus name.

  • As we can not mention it all here, please pray fervently more for world families and marriages.
  • Pray generally more for yourself now.
  • Pray on our theme, that God should let His true pentecostal power come upon you in Jesus name.


Decree and declare that no evil shall befall you and your home in this month, only the best of it shall be yours and my portion in Jesus name.

Happy fasting period.


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