12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 4 (7th Jan 2023)

We shall be praying on the topic: GOD THAT DOES THE UNIMAGINABLE THINGS: JER: 32:27, Matt:19:26, Luk:1:37.

Talking about the only God that can do all things without any exception, its only God whose name is called Jehovah Lord of lords; Let no one says there are no other gods; indeed there are other gods.

Exodus 12 vs 12 said and the Lord (our God) shall judge the Egyptian god.

The prophets of Baals call their god from morning till the evening, no answer,
Elijah call his own and he answered. 1king 18

At Pharaoh’s palace there was a display of powers of gods, meanwhile it had always been our God that overcome; for he was the one that created them all. (A long story for other time).
So he rules over them and that was why he is called Lord of lords!

God allows them to perform some wonders and suceed at times, but when he does not want, He stops them. This is the case of prophets of Baal and Elijah; and Pharaoh’s magician and Moses: Exod 8:19.
They (Pharaoh magicians) were able to turn their rod to snake; turn water to blood, just as did servants of God, but when it was to turn dust to lice, pharaoh god and his magicians couldn’t do it, for our God, the Lord of lords disallowed it to show them he is the only ALMIGHTY. This made the magician recognise the God of Israel as the SUPERIOR ONE; exod 8:19.

Therefore, what we are saying is the only God who is able to do and perform “THE UNIMAGINABLES & ALL THINGS” is our God, the God of Israel who we accepted through his son Jesus Christ. He shall do that unimaginable in our lives this year in Jesus name.

Unimaginable; means things you don’t expect, believe, or imagine. When things you have said; “for this one can never be possible again” or something you are thinking you are not qualified for; that its not your type they want for the position or opportunity. Something like a dead situation, dead brain; dead womb, things that have defiled all solutions, etc. So when God does them eventually; those are what are called unimaginable, occurrences or miracles.

Sarah said, who could believe I will have a child for my husband this time.

Mary said, how can somebody without coming to a man get pregnant.

How can dead body of 4th days come back to life and how can small David disgrace Goliath at the war front?
How can a total strange man, a slave for that matter; became prime minister in Egypt?

All were unimaginable; God said if we can obey and have faith along with this prayer, we shall all have this same experience like the people above in Jesus name.

Let us pray:

1. You will do most prayer by yourself that God should let unimaginable happen on your matters (mention the matters). Start praying now!

2. Let it happen on my document, on my marriage; on my children issues (mention them to God) on my health challenges, on every powers fighting against me both physical and spiritual.

3. Suddenly Solomon became king over his brother Adonijah who didn’t want him to be king. 1 king 1:39… from now unimaginably, let me suddenly begin to rule over my enemies and over situations that were difficult for me before.

4. Adonijah despised Solomon; he invited all but Solomon vs 19, pray, father for l depend only on you, let me rule over those that had been despising me, thinking I can’t become anything, or those that have occupy my rightful position, dethrone them and enthrone me by your power in Jesus name.

5. Lord, Sarah said who could believe she could bear a child. Father, let people start to find me in good positions they never dream I can be in life; like Joseph and Mordecal; in Jesus name.

“Pray more on this topic, that your life be full with good unimaginable occurrences this year in Jesus name.

Personal prayer: Pray on your own, other things you want.

*Pray on our general theme;* Lord send now, upon me, thy true pentecostal power. Act 2:1-4

*Prophetic section:*
Start to declare into the month of April and reject what you don’t want as such. I pray, all goodness in April shall be ours, such as good health, being alive, promotions, spiritual upliftment, ministry expansion and so on, and I reject ill- health, death, accident, demotion, lacks, all evil, I reject them for myself and all of us in Jesus name.

God bless you all and happy fasting & prayer session,

God will answer us in Jesus name.

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