Manna from Above – Day 12

Today we shall be praying on, ho Lord,
Make me comfortable here on hearth now with all I need ijn &
Father above all if anything will fail or not be answered for any reason.
My father & my Lord, don’t let it be my case of making it to heaven ; your kingdom oh, Lord..Mtt:6:33
Manner from above.

Brethren we need God to satisfy us with all good things; Yes. He will do it because nothing is impossible for him…. Remember all his miracles, in bible, in this our present world, from news etc, expecially the one he had done for you personally. It means he had more than what it takes to perform any miracle! Hallelujah!
Except he doesn’t want to, for the reason known to him..

2. Now, what shall it profit a man…..
Therefore if God will not answer any prayer in my life. ( Which I trust. He will answer) but incase; it shouldn’t be the prayer of making heaving.
It’s my priority, & I believe it should be yours also

Let us pray.

1. Let thank him for today Sunday service, 2 Sunday & thank him for this our program. 12day

2. My Lord , don’t let me loose my connection with you.

3. Bless me with all my life need to posses & serve you better

4.Father, Lauch me into the realm of wealth & riches..

5.From today, let unquenchable, manner from above start to rain & fall on me & my family henceforth…

6. I am begging you oh Lord, don’t let me be poor again, I can’t compromise but Lord in your way, pls my father make me a rich person in your stress less way oh Lord
More as spirit leads

B.Making heaven
1. Just as we said above..
Don’t let me fail making heaven

2. Whatever the case might be… anything might be somehow but .my heaven making let it be no negotiable

3. No matter what, don’t let me loose you for anything

4. My king deep me in your deepest love…

5. Word is owing me A MOMENT OF CRY. To be paid when I wil be no more.
Therefore let me not respect world more than you….
More prayer….


A.Start to mention different ways you want God to send or rain this manna into your lives & destinies…

B. Manna shall fall….for our uplifting in Jesus name

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