12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 8 (11th Jan 2023)


I have read the whole chapter of the book of Exodus many times; but you know God’s word brings new inspiration everyday. This time when I got to the last two chapters, the Lord struck my mind with a new inspiration; He said; what happened here is what we,  his servants need in order to be able to work with him without stress; not only that; also I found what the faithful CO-LEADERS and faithfull MEMBERS in church need here.

This is what I am saying in brief, God called Moses to himself on mountain Horeb, he told him they have to build him a sanctuary so he can live with them Exod 25:8, he further said they should do it according to what His(God) discription vs 9, this happened both times he went to God on mountain, now here we are.

The right people: God told Moses at chapter 31:1… he has assigned people that will do the work and has equipped them with the right wisdom, understanding, knowledge, ideals, and vision with his spirit.

Now getting to chapter 39: from vs 32… saying when all the work finished, they brought it to Moses for inspection.

Vs 43 said; Moses saw; it was well done by them and he blessed them.

Chapter 40:33-34 said: So Moses finished the work and God spirit came in.

Now a man of God needed not to know everything when there are RIGHT PEOPLE around; who won’t out of jealousy,  selflessness, and rebellious act do the work. Many gifts in one place working for
one body and one purpose and all to the glory of God.

A tree with branches; body with parts working together in unity for the good of the body;
I Cor 12:4…

Now; above we can see that Moses succeeded because God placed with him the right people, Moses can not build the sanctuary or tabernacle with all its attendants but the right people did it and God was glorified 40:34. Meanwhile the success is not only for Moses, in fact we could say the associate leaders (the right people) that God placed with him were more successful. Why? if it is in our present day, ask me how? Moses was only a leader, God talk to him and he deliver it to people, but the people were given the gifts of knowledge, understanding etc, to create what has never existed, in our world today such people would have been billionaires. The like of late Thomas Edition who invented bulb; zuckerberg who created facebook and bill gate who discover Microsoft that we all are paying today to mention just but few.

unfortunately, many people have missed this opportunity today because of JELOUSY, selfnesness, pride, and arrogance; thinking Like, no! if I help him or join him in my right capacity, he will be the one to take the glory, and so on, they missed where God would have made a great man out of them “EPA N’PARA E OLOHUN PAJA” meaning somebody is doing himself thinking he is doing others”

Just like the story of REHINARD BONKE AND THE MAN GOD PLACE WITH HIM TO PERFORM WONDERS (I will explain later…)

ELISHA was grater than ELIJAH.

Joshua reach the promise land and God performed some greater miracle in him than Moses JOSH 10:12-14, because they stood as the RIGHT MEN!!!

So Moses got right men and God’s work was peaceful and perfect with him. The right men were great throughout the world then, they possess extraordinary gifts, their names remained great in bible till date; so in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, ideas, they remained relevant eternally… you and I will not miss it in Jesus name.



1. Lord make me the right man/woman who will not look at anything but unto God and work for you and this ministry with my right capacity like Exod 31:1.

2. Father don’t let me be busy to miss your purpose for my life in 2023. II Tim 4:10.

3. Oh Lord don’t let me be controled by flesh but always by your spirit for; those of flesh can’t please God. Rom 8:14; Jesus be all mine in 2023.

4. We can see that in exodus, people released more than enough for God’s work.
Pray and say, Father, I rebuke the spirit of stinginess towards God’s work in this church Deut 8:18. When we held back our resources from serving God, thinking we are trying to save, we are indirectly loosing: Hagai chapter 1

5. Father make me like BEZALEE and AHOLIAB of this generation in this church and let me always know whatever I am doing is for myself and for You. Rom 14:8

6. Father, never allow me to come across people like Judas in your house, less he make me sin against you and make me do your work with deceit. Jer 48:10

PT 2

1. Father, now as I have determined to do your work, follow you and be like Bezalee and Aholla, my God, my Father, give me the new wisdom, knowledge, and new understanding, to do your work and rule my world to the glory of God and not to put the world in mess in Jesus name. Exod 32:31. They turned God’s blessing on them to an idol, they turned it to sin just like our 1st parent; saying it’s the wife you gave me. Never allow God’s blessing in your life become a snare, its dangerous and deadly.

2. For whatever I have is yours; Jesus give me new ideas of business, enterprise, etc so people can read your greatness through me and as well I can serve you and spread your word, with my wealth and time in Jesus name.

3. Exod 31:3 God said, I have filled them with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Lord, in this church, because I am a faithful member, give me such grace to do and create what nobody ever created or did before (we shall work towards this by God’s grace)

4. We say ordinary dream, but ordinary dream put Joseph on the throne in a strange land. Show me the misery of your power and take me to a new level in spirit, and let my gift bring me to light from darkness and from slavery to the throne like Joseph. We already have many of them.

5. Daniel became great in strange land because of his gift. Father, activate the gifts in my life so I can use it in your house and at the end it will make me great, many singers start in church, today they are everywhere II Tim 1:5-6

6. Father, I pray in Jesus name for me and my children, people through ideas have gone far today, my God, my Father, like Thomas Edition, Zuckerberg, etc they are human being like me, you are the master of all, Lord its my time, expose to me, my children, the riches of your glory by launching us into doing marvellous and great things that will change our lives and our story hencefort in Jesus name.

7. Let the spirit of God lead you to pray more on this. You really need to pray more on it on your own.

Rom 8:26

Say your personal prayer.

Use the theme to pray.

Prophesy into the month of August: You month of may, hear ye the word of God, I, my family, our church, and loved ones will not see any evil in you. We shall only share in all good things in you in Jesus name.

Happy praying period.

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