12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 2 (5th Jan 2023)


Text: Rev 12:11. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the words of their testimony.

One of the reasons why Jesus came, was to give us total liberation from darkness to light, slavery to Freedom, sorrow to joy, pain to peace, sickness to healing, failure to success emptiness to fullness, barrenness to bearing: Mockery to praises, death to live, etc.

All these and more are all that the Lord who gave us this theme: Send thy true pentecostal power wanted to do for us this year. When we are engulfed & enfolded in & with the power of God, definitely all these shall be achievable, hallelujah!

Indeed without hesitation and doubt, he will do those things! Amen; What people had been making jest of you about and things you never thought; all will be possible this year in Jesus name.

again as he has promised us this year in 1jn:3, 8b, The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. That he will do for us this year, all work of the devil in our lives shall perish forever in Jesus name.

Let us pray!

1. Start to claim into your life all those things you wish to have this year & reject those things you wish not to, there is power in your tongue. Prov:18:21 said; life & death is in our tongue, those that understand it will profit from it, so decree now into your life…
sure they shall come this time in Jesus name.

2. Every influence and works of witches, witchcraft, herbalist, sorcerers, ogboni, or any evil man or woman, die in my life today in this fasting and prayer in Jesus name.

3. Every power staying with me turning my good news to sad news, elongating my days of joy, blocking my days of joy, and delaying my letter of joy and peace; die and lose your power on me and my family today and forever in Jesus name.

4. You this garment of shame and hatred that had blocked me from being seen or loved by my benefactor,
Angel & destiny helper, catch fire today and totally get out of my life now in Jesus name.

5. From today I am free from generational curses; spells and bewitchment from anywhere in Jesus name.

6. Whosoever that is using my glory or my image to shine in a spiritual world, that has made my glory and image useless to me in a normal world; let that kind of pentecostal power destroy them, and put them in hell forever in Jesus name.

7. Whosoever that is doing me / afflicting me yet following me everywhere, father remove the cover in his face that I may know him or her and then destroy his power upon me forever in Jesus name.

8. Lord is there any evil I have caused to myself when I was growing by mistake or intentionally that is affecting my destiny now; Father, forgive me and let it dry to the root & end today in Jesus name.

9. Oh Lord save me from vow and covenant I might have made when I was in pain which may be affecting my life in any way; now erase it with your blood oh Lord, If its one I need to remember and redeem then show me that I may redeem it.

10. Deliver me from the power of death, and sickness henceforth, let life and success follow me henceforth in Jesus name.

11. From now let me not see failure again in my life but success all through in Jesus name.

12. My Lord and my creator, I claim total freedom and victory from whatever had been troubling me since I was born till now, Lord; because I am now in you, let me live a total victorious life in all areas of my life in Jesus name, free me from all oppression henceforth in Jesus name.

Pray now, while laying your hand on your head, and say, my God and my creator, please I want to serve you better and be above all troubles of life henceforth, I know, it’s only by having this pentecostal power that can guarantee me this, now I cry ho Lord, in this programme, I cry SEND INTO MY LIFE THY TRUE PENTECOSTAL POWER & FIRE 🔥 IN JESUS NAME. Act 2:1-4

Prophetic: Begin to prophesy into your life what you want in the month of February, that all good things in that month shall be for you & your family, every evil thing therein that it shall not be for you & your family in Jesus name.
Prophesy now!

God bless you all and happy fasting period.


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