12 DAYS WITH GOD – DAY 11 (14th Jan 2023)


I King:19-21. Satanic agents have assured that many people who were destined for greatness are going around as a servant and as nobody.

Moses was destined to be a prophet but he was going about as a shepherd until God located him.

Elisha was destined to be a prophet, but he was moving around as a farmer until God remember him and made Elijah locate him: I King; 19:19:20a

My prayer for you is as you engage yourself in fasting and prayer today; you will discover the real reason why you are created in Jesus name.

Out of all the children of Jesse, God located David through Prophet Samuel; he was led to the palace right from the forest.

Prophetical!, you will be the next in Jesus name like David in Jesus name

Let us pray

  1. Father, I thank you for your mercies over me and my family.
  2. Father thank you for your strength in this fasting and prayer period.
  3. Father this year 2023 open my eyes so that I may see and know the right thing to do.
  4. In Jesus name I recover my lost destiny this year, my destiny becomes untouchable & it shall manifest in Jesus name.
  5. I recover my wasted time and destiny this year In Jesus name.
  6. I reposition myself back to my destiny in Jesus name.
  7. Father lead me to where my destiny will work and be fulfilled. God told Abraham to leave and told Isaac not to move. Can you see?
  8. My destiny Arise and Shine in Jesus name.
  9. Destiny killers or silencers! die in Jesus name.
  10. Father make a way for me in 2023.
  11. You spirit of destiny waster, die in my life in Jesus name.
  12. Pray more personally on this as you desire and it shall be well you in Jesus name.
  • Pray with the theme as usual…let God sends his true pentecostal power in Jesus name.

Prophesy into the month of November
I decree and declare this year 2023, my heaven opens, and as God liveth, I will see no evil but good in this month of November 2023 in Jesus name.

Happy fasting period
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